Walking into the fairytale land of Maramures

Maramures is the perfect location for walkers. Trails enable walkers to access areas difficult to reach by vehicle, rewarding them with magnificent views and spectacular scenery. This is the only way to truly savour this wonderful, atmospheric and very friendly area. Our 7-night walking holiday, led by an experienced guide, includes five walks and a visit to a plum brandy distillery. Luggage will be transported by car between properties.


 * Walk exploring the villages of Hoteni and Breb visiting and old wooden church and a woodcarver that makes beautiful seals for bread, wooden carved spoons and spindles;

 * Sample some traditional Maramures music;

 * Hike to the craggy andesite cliff of Creasta Cocosului where you will be reworded with a stunning panorama of the villages along the Mara and Cosau Valleys;

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