Wildlife in Romania 

Most of the area was once covered by forest. The woodlands in the Carpathians derive from the original primeval forests of the region, but are now threatened by illegal logging. Romania's mountains are covered in forests: at the highest levels, you'll find magnificent spruces, while lower down beech, hornbeam, and oak dominate the woodland. These forests are home to several threatened mammal species, especially the large carnivores, bear, wolf and lynx.


At the top of the Carpathians' trophic pyramid comes the wolf.  It holds the key to all the other inter-related ecosystems, helping to maintain Romania's spectacular biodiversity.  Wolves are pack animals, living mostly in family groups. As a natural predator, it helps to regulate numbers of other species, such as roe deer, red deer and wild boar, contributing to the natural selection of these prey species.  In Romania, the wolf has an important symbolic and historical role, being the subject of many rural legends.  As such, it occupies a tricky position in the animal pantheon, being both admired and feared.

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Photos by: Ionut Bordea, Marilena Vacariu, Christoph Promberger, Andrei Blumer, David Petts