Wallachia is a historical region situated in the south of Romania (where the modern Romania was created). Wallachia contains two regions: Oltenia and Muntenia

 Oltenia region is bordered by the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube and OltRivers.  It is the most “Romanian” part of the country. Few foreigners settled here during the past. Because it was one of the most rural areas of the country,this region offers some of the most original Romanian folk art. The area is renowned for the famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi who was born here.

 Muntenia region is twice the size of Oltenia. It was the political and economic centre of Wallachia province and later of Romania. Like Oltenia, Muntenia is sandwiched between the Carpathian Mountains and the DanubeRiver. It contains Bucuresti, which began life as a popular river crossing, and became the third capital of Wallachia before becoming the capital of Romania. The majority population is represented by Romanians, but there are also Jews, Greeks, Hungarians, Germans and Gypsies living in this region.