Transylvanian time travel: the land of Moti

In the western part of mystical and legendary Transilvania is a branch of the Carpathian Mountains called Apuseni (Western) Mountains. Located right in the “heart” of these mountains, crossed by the river Aries is Tara Motilor - the Land of Moti.

Moti is the name given to the inhabitants of this region who are said to be descended from the Celts. Even today, they live in scattered villages at altitudes of up to about 1,300m, higher than any fixed settlements in Romania

 There will be time for you to hike in the mountains and delight in discovering spectacular caves and waterfalls, trace tracks of wild animals ( wild boar, lynx, deer, foxes and wolves), walk in the meadows with an abundance of wildflowers or admire the traditional houses with their unusual roofs- all thached-and three times higher than the rest of the house .

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