Discover how Romanians welcome Easter
in a remote village in Maramures

Celebrate the most important church event of the year in an orthodox way, discovering how Romanians welcome Easter

Easter is the most important Christian feast over the year, dedicated to the Resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and his victory over death. Because it is based on the lunar calendar" on the 14th day of the Full Moon", after the vernal spring equinox, the Easter feast is movable. The feast is dominated by the liturgical ceremonies of the Christian Orthodox Church.

At the Easter liturgy people come with lit candles which they hold in their hands during the service. The candle is taken home after the service is finished, and with the candle light, people purify the girder, the doors, the gates, leaving a mark having the shape of a cross. The significance of this gesture is to protect the house against evil spirits.

Easter is also considered as a feast of reconciliation between people, when sins are forgiven.

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