Medieval Mystery and Saxon Churches in Transylvania

Imagine candy-coloured villages, farmers coming from the fields with their scythes and pitchforks, horses pulling carts full of hay, meandering along an unpaved street while avoiding geese,turkeys and chickens that wander around freely. Then,as the days ends,a procession of cows appear from their pasture,ambling up the street,stopping and lowing in front of their own yard door.

It’s not a page out of a Grimm’s fairytale, it’s Saxon rural Transylvania - a mediaeval world almost without rival in Europe.

On this journey you will discover Saxon Transylvania,one of Europe’s last surviving mediaeval landscapes. You will travel through timeless Saxon villages where traditional farming is still in use, explore their  fantastic fortified churches, enjoy the almost unspoiled countryside with its astonishing richness of wild-flower meadows, and forests  teeming with wildlife which is extinct in other parts of Western Europe.

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