The Hidden Valleys of Maramures Spring Festival Tour 

This is a trip of discovery into the hidden valleys of Maramures, in north-west Romania, where we join the village people celebrating traditional Spring Festivals - not as cultural tourist attractions - but as genuine celebrations.

You will discover a fragile and almost forgotten way of life, perhaps the most unchanged place in Europe.

Maramures is a fascinating place! Surrounded by mountains, except in the northwest, it is rich with picturesque valleys, the most famous and beautiful being the valleys of Mara and Iza. The region is renowned for its 17th and 18th century tall wooden churches - where every nail and bolt is hand-made - and beautiful large wooden gates, bearing hand carved inscriptions with pagan symbols depicting the tree of life,wolves and the sun. In Maramures you will find unspoilt nature, fairy-tale wooden villages, hospitable people wearing traditional dress,country festivals, ancient traditions,hard-working farmers and artisans that still keep the old trades.

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