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Maramures is one of the northernmost regions of Romania with the River Tisa and the Maramures Mountains marking the region’s natural border with Ukraine. In the east the Prislop Pass makes up the border with Moldavia province. In the south the Rodna, Tibles and Gutai Mountains form a barrier with the historical province of Transylvania. To the west lie the plains of the Oas region.

The Relief:

The Maramures landscape ranges between 200 to 2300m above sea level. Almost half of land surface in Maramures consists of mountains, the rest being formed of hills and plateaux, plains and meadows.In Maramures, the highest peak is Pietrosu (2303m), in the Rodna Mountains of the Eastern Carpathian chain.

Rivers and Lakes:

There are two river systems that drain the county: the Tisa and the Somes.

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