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On Easter Day when people meet they clink the red painted eggs saying: "Christ is risen!", answering: " Truly he is risen!"

You will be part at the event watching and learning the rituals and traditions of this feast day in a region called Maramures, situated in the northern part of Romania, a region that still preserves authentic folk crafts and unaltered traditions.

The Easter Sunday is preceded by seven weeks of fasting in which the rites of physical and moral purification are observed.
On the last week of the Lent, called Resurrection Day, eggs are painted in red, different cakes are cooked, (the most important being Pasca, a sweet cream cheese), the lamb is sacrificed, the house and the garden are cleaned.
On the Easter evening in the countryside boys and girls light fires on the hills for the dead men - "focurile mortilor".
The food cooked special for Easter is blessed at the church during the service, and a part of the food is given as alms. The red eggs and the Pasca are eaten in the family.

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