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In the region of Dobruja, the land between the Danube River and the Black Sea, lie the vineyards of Oltina and Medgidia, Murfatlar and Niculitel.  They make remarkable wines including Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Pinot gris, Aligote, Muscat Ottonel and Chardonnay

The highlight of this tour will be the vineyards of Moldavia, especially Cotnari, whose superb vine plantations which is beautiful in autumn, when the grapes are ripe and the leaves turn rusty. You will follow the trails from Wallachia, starting with the open-air Museum of Vine and Fruit Growing at Golesti, close to the famed Stefanesti-Arges vineyards.  Then, continuing north, you will be delighted by the red wines from the vineyards of Dealu Mare. We will enter into Moldavia to taste the white and red wines from Odobesti and Panciu. Heading north again, through the impressive Bicaz Gorge and Red Lake, we go to the vineyards of Cotnari. 

They are the most famous in Romania, also known as the 'flower of Moldavia'. We will visit Voronet and Humor - two of the famous Painted Monasteries of Bucovina - and then we will cross Eastern Transylvania, discovering the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains.

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