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"We are Human Beings alone in a strange, often unfriendly world ruled by Gadje (non-Gypsies).  They like to take everything, to make borders, limiting our freedom to travel around the Earth. Being more human we avoid the Gadje’s slavery. We are the children of our Mother - the Earth, who gave us birth. We were here before the Gadje. In those times we used to be happy because Mother Earth would give us whatever we wished. You only had to stretch out your hand to pick everything you needed, you only had TO BE in order to be loved. Gadje didn't exist in those times. But do not despair. The Gadje will drown in their own skeletons like the locusts after they have consumed everything there is. Then, the Human Beings (the Gypsies) will emerge from the marshes, the sun will rise again over our people, and we will rise in pride over the whole world".

Even though this legend is very beautiful it doesn't make them more welcome. Even if a lot of them are no longer nomads and don't even speak romanes (Gypsy language), even though they have lost their ethnic identity, non-Gypsies still see them as inferior. But nowadays the trend is towards a process of assimilation. After 1989 the Roma began to assert themselves in public life and defend their interests. Several Roma leaders emerged and several Roma civic and political organizations began to function. Despite the divisions between groups, the overall movement is toward an increase in their ethnic awareness and solidarity.  

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