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The Germans who settled in Transylvania formed a separate enclave surrounded by the mass of the Romanian population, close to the Hungarians who had already settled in the region. They established an amazing civilization that lasted until the Second World War. With their new culture and new style of life, the German population, later known as Saxons, created a strong bastion of culture and learning in the south and south-eastern part of Transylvania.  They became established as one of the three leading and privileged nations in Transylvania, alongside the Hungarians and Szekelyek.In Transylvania they built seven cities, which became renowned for their craftsmen and merchandising, and also as important learning centers. In the countryside they built imposing and extraordinary fortified churches that still stand after centuries and impress native tourists and visitors alike, through their style and massive structure. Above all its other attractions, Transylvania is known for its fortified churches and peasant fortresses, built by these Saxons during the Middle Ages.

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