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The Land of Moti is a fiery land!

It has wonderfully hospitable people and retains authentic rural traditions.

Here, life has changed little from the 19th century and you will be fascinated by the timeless villages, where many century-old traditions are still in use, as well as their inhabitants and their way of life. Living in relative isolation has kept their traditions virtually unchanged, and even today the locals are using hand-made household goods and tools. You will discover exceptional skills such as woodcarving, leather processing, blacksmithing as well as the combing and spinning of wool by hand.

 You can admire the local arhitecture, including houses ingeniously built on steep slopes, wooden sheds and other farm buildings. Then there are some extraordinary churches in the area and you can get acquainted with the imagery of the Orthodox religion as well as its distinguish architecture.

 But what will impress you the most is the people’s spirit, characterised by the love of their land and their warm hospitality.

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