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The Carpathian Mountains are among the least spoilt mountains in Europe, the large expanses of forests of the Romanian Carpathians are home to the “Big Five” of European fauna: Wolf, Brown Bear, Red Deer, Lynx and Wild Boar. Each of the large predator species among them form the largest population of their kind in Europe, west of Russia.

Piatra Craiului National Park has been the base of a research and conservation project focused on wolves, bears and lynx - the Carpathian Large Carnivore Project (CLCP) - for more than 10 years.CLCP ended its research in 2003, but their work in the area proved to be invaluable for the further development of ecotourism in Romania.

The Danube Delta is Europe’s youngest land and one of its most fascinating areas. More than 300 migrant or resident bird species can be found here. You may see White Pelican ( this region shelters Europe’s largest white pelican and Dalmatian pelican colonies), Little and Great White Egret, half the world’s Red-breasted Goose population winters here, Squacco and Night Heron, Spoonbill, Pygmy Cormorant (60% of the world’s small pygmy cormorant population lives in the Danube Delta),Glossy Ibis and Little Bittern.

The Danube Delta is protected under the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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