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Bucegi and Piatra Craiului, two mountain ranges situated in the Southern Carpathians, are two of the most spectacular and popular mountain areas in Romania, and one of Europe’s most important regions for seeing wildlife.

 The Bucegi Mountains, a natural park known as the “Rock Citadel”, is renowned for its massive rock formations and alpine meadows. The mountains were crossed from ancient times by shepherds and their flocks, and the shepherds still preserve the traditional sheepfold and sheep gazing customs of their ancestors.

 The Piatra Craiului Mountains, were declared a national park, as an acknowledgement of their magnificent beauty and outstanding variety of wildlife and plant life The mountains have one of the most spectacular ridge walks in Europe and are home to the unique Dianthus callizonus, an endemic specie of pink found nowhere else in the world. There are flanked by vast areas of natural forest that contain a healthy population of wolves and bears, while heards of chamoix can be seen on its highest peaks. There are also plenty of interesting birds in the park, including White Woodpeckers and Wallcreepers.

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